We as Future by Art offer the following professional services:


» Art Events


Exclusive Fine Art Events, this at suprime locations such as Monaco, Cannes, Dubai as well Belgium,

Nederlands, Germany. This orginized at unique buildings and places, historical, modern, museums, etc. Sort

period Art events 7-15 days with an excluve caracter of setup, representing Artists, Galleries, Design and

much more within the artistic field.




Virual Gallery exhibitions this at extraordinary spaces such as Moon, Mars and exclusive designed high class interior spaces. Our VR Gallery offer high capacity Digital Marketing thanks to our partners Posterus-Marketing, as well several services in PR and Physical publishing. Our VR gallery as well participates in VIFAF (Virtual International Fine Art Fair)


» Art Promotion


With an expert team of Art profecianals, IT, PR and Marketing Future by Art offers an up to date Marketing

and PR. This as well within digitals as physical promotion, such as sosial media marketing, E-Marketing, PR

and Press releases, digital Art catalogues and Physical printed Art Catalogues. Future by Art has its own

server, this for email Marketing and newsletters, among with all other marketing and logistical perpuses.


» Artist , designer managment and representation


We represend and promote Artists and designers, this at events, on our websites, press releases, PR and

marketing. Whit all that bringing them towards potential coloctors and wide international visibility to gain

them more posibilities for selling there works.


» Art Curation


Seperated to our own events, we offer towards third parties events and orginizers Art inclusion packages.

Such as fully installing selecting artworks, directing and curation all artistic setup and promotion at there



» Art Sales and Auctions


Because somtimes it is for artist and designers dificult to close deals and make sales, we do as well the

comunication for them. This at the events or art fairs we do, throuh our websites, E-Marketing, direct

comunications with colectors, as well as international art auctions.




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email: info[at]futurebyart.com




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